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Hello :) - Hi, I'm ___________ and I'm a Warcraft-aholic

Apr. 13th, 2006

05:33 pm - Hello :)

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Hello my name is Vikki (ya... another girl ^_^) and I am a WoW-aholic. I must say I love the game dearly, but lately it's been kicking my ass and stealing away valuable sleep and study time. I've had 2 level 60 characters at some point, but now I think I am going to go cold turkey and just quit. Gonna be tough. Anyway, my WoW account is up for grabs on e-bay if anyone is interested. It's pretty cheap, and needs a new home. Sorry to post on here, but im desperate to rid of it. If I don't, chances are I'll tap into my savings and pay $15 a month again for the rest of my life. Muahaha.... that would suck.

See ya!